Intelligent technology-driven
A new generation of application business
performance management solutions
Monitoring scope:
Covering traditional IT application systems, microservice architecture and service network, container PaaS platform, private cloud and public cloud.
Product value:
Using core technologies such as big data and machine learning to help companies improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance. Lower the threshold of operation and maintenance, and strengthen core capabilities such as enterprise system management and business governance.
Operation and     maintenance     system:

Integrating multi-dimensional monitoring data such as applications, networks, logs, and hosts to help enterprises build an integrated business operation and maintenance platform.
Service capability
Service capability
Public cloud
Private cloud
Support multi-terminal, full-environment system data monitoring
Build an integrated business performance solution
Support monitoring of mobile application, browser webpage, and H5 application mainstream version application.
Support monitoring of mainstream middleware such as Tomcat, WebLogic, JBOSS, Kingdee, etc.
Architecture environment
Support the monitoring of architecture environments such as microservices, service grids, private clouds, public clouds, containers, and PaaS.
Product advantage
  • Full path data monitoring service
    Provide end-to-end full path coverage, full access to transaction data. Intelligent correlation, rapid alarm, accurate fault location, and rapid troubleshooting, which improve operation and maintenance efficiency;
  • Fast business response
    Deploy a platform system based on a unified monitoring system, integrate business data, meet flexible changes in business data, and improve efficiency.
  • AI and big data technology
    Use AI machine learning technology to mark business requests, automatically identify business characteristics, intelligently determine business status, and realize digital analysis of business processes.
  • End-to-end service guarantee
    Full network coverage, and full retention. From network, application to business layer correlation analysis, providing comprehensive monitoring services, no dead ends.
  • Advanced methodology systems
    Think about business from customers' perspective; Recognize, sort out and optimize business systems from a platform perspective, and continue to provide service capabilities in microservices, containers, and cloud environments.
Function presentation
Business Management
  • Refined business management capability
    Through independent intelligent algorithms, an automated model processing center is built to realize automatic model creation and classification of business requests, arbitrary independent naming, business field acquisition, business status determination, etc. The fields of "mobile phone number, user name, employee ID" can be obtained, but not limited to these fields, and functions such as time-limiting, searching, and statistics can be performed on the obtained business fields.
  • Business process monitoring capabilities
    According to customers' actual business scenarios, the collected data is intelligently combined to build a sequence of real-life business processes, and count the number of event occurrences, start time, processing time, system processing time, status and other core indicators. For example, the operating system can be used to retrieve the status and results of each process, and the current step of the unfinished process when checking the balance, returning the bill, top-up payment, and successfully finishing the payment. Thus, business processes are able to be controlled in real time.
  • Core business real-time alarm capability
    Relying on the refined business management capabilities, the core business can be customized to set the alarm threshold to achieve 100% alarm accuracy for the core business. Effectively avoid under-reporting and false-reporting under abnormal conditions of core business, and effectively protect core businesses.
System management
  • Advanced methodology
    The tree structure shows the node calling relationship in the process of request processing. By understanding the node name, call status, return code, call time, call parameters, etc., we can help customers quickly understand the node performance status and improve the efficiency of troubleshooting.
  • Multi-dimensional topology combination
    Display the system components and business associations in the form of topology. business associations in the form of topology. the correlation analysis ability of Tier, probe, business. Characteristics among Tier layer, probe layer, business layer, Tier and business, probe and business are worth understanding.
  • Intelligent integration of network data
    AppTrace has strong integration capabilities, including correlation analysis with NPM network data, statistical analysis with BPM business data. At the same time it achieves the front-end and back-end data correlation, user and business, business and database calls, and business and abnormal intelligent correlation.
Big data analysis