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BizTrace Application Performance Analysis System is a set of intelligent application analysis performance system, based on the network data captured by its own probes. According to the customer's specifications on private protocol, it can be flexibly customized and application is also analyzed. The purpose is to capture specific data that customers require in massive network data packets, and they will be calculated, summarized, alarmed and presented in real time. A reliable basis for judging current business conditions will then be provided, and business tracking functions will be provided for immediate troubleshooting.

The network topology is becoming more and more complex, but customers' requirements for transmission speed and accuracy are constantly improving. It is difficult to locate and solve the problems of slow speed or failure in various applications in a complex network environment, which brings great challenges to IT operation and maintenance.

Operators, banks, brokerage companies and other companies provide services to millions of users, and their requirements for network data transmission are almost harsh. They not only require the network to be in a stable state from time to time, but also need to be able to monitor various emergencies in aim of avoiding losses caused by network problems.

How to capture the data that customers are interested in among massive network data packets with calculation and display in real time to provide customers with a basis for judging the current network conditions is a very demanding and valuable solution.

Based on the above background, BizTrace provides accurate and comprehensive data for application interaction response time, response success ratio and business-level data analysis, which makes up for the flexible customization and in-depth application analysis, delay and response time, and correct rate calculation requirements according to customer's private agreements.

Companies with a higer maturity level in business analysis and optimization capabilities have 49% higher revenue growth, more than 20 times profit growth, and 30% higher return on investment than similar companies.

--<2015 Global CFO Survey>

How can you understand the performance of your core business?

How can business performance be effectively managed?

What is the basis for optimizing business-related applications?


Deployment Indication
Hardware Configuration
Component Recommended configuration
Processor Two Intel Xeon eight-core processor
Hard drive RAID-5 array
Operating System CentOS 7.0 64bit

Postgre SQL


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