Our vision is to become the lead in digital performance management market.

Help our customers to monitor their business by providing a full-chain end-to-end monitoring solution.

Enable the improvement of our customers' business operation capabilities via efficient and effective operation and maintenance.

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NetSensor Network Performance Analysis System

Through real-time data monitoring, abnormal areas, applications, networks and servers can be identified. Special techniques are implemented to locate the root cause of faults in two minutes. It can also improve the quality of network service and the performance of the entire application.

BizTrace Business Performance Management System

User perception analysis; Real-time monitoring of transaction indicators; Cross-system tracking of single transactions; Quickly locate of business fault zone; Achieve comprehensive business performance lifecycle management.

AppTrace Application Performance Management System

Based on running businesses, business performance data can be extracted, and more than 20 KPIs are calculated in real time. Business systems can be monitored throughly. Minute-level fault location, accurate warning, and system optimization can be all achieved based on business modelling.

PMOne Big-data Performance Platform

PMOne(Performance Management One) is a platform which manages network traffic, APM probes, and application logs. Through the management process of algorithmic intelligent clustering, and relies on artificial intelligence technology to achieve smart event correlation combination and analysis. Even with massive operation and maintenance events, the goal of intelligent analysis on the root cause of faults can be achieved. It can be ensured that key events leading to faults can be quickly located when operation and maintenance faults occur, and the efficiency of problem solving is improved.

Technology advantage

1. Core algorithm with independent intellectual property rights

DCLINGCLOUD has independently developed NetSensor, Business Trace, and App Trace platform, which are able to

extract key business data from massive data packages, and are also able to calculate business KPIs in real time on damand.

2. Industry-leading network probes

DCLINGCLOUD has independently developed probes for data collection. They can be guaranteed that the reliability

is maximized, and delay is minimized due to the retrofit and optimization in the level of operating system kernel and network card driver.

3. Outstanding expansion ability and compatibility

Our system can process data captured by multiple interfaces of one probe or multiple interfaces of multiple probes at

the same time. When the amount of data is massive, our system can be flexibly expanded to multiple servers.

4. R&D team with strong technical background and large project experience

DCLINGCLOUD has a highly innovative and experienced R&D team. After years of painstaking research, it has

accumulated strong technical strength in network protocol analysis and application performance management.

Various products have core technologies with independent intellectual property rights.

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