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DCLINGCLOUD's performance management products deploy application performance management and network performance management in China Mobile. It monitors the new generation of business support core Boss using the Java-centric microservice architecture. At the same time, network probes support high-traffic user scenarios. Deploy centralized management to complete the full coverage of business performance monitoring from the main data center to the regional computer rooms, and the total monitoring traffic per second exceeds 200Gbps. Users rely on NPM and APM to achieve rapid fault demarcation, performance bottlenecks detection, and fault forensic analysis under complex network environments and load application architectures. We play a leading role in the China operator market.


Deploy multiple 72TB high-performance probes in the data center to monitor WAN and key nodes in core business areas. They can quickly achieve network application accountability, fault location, key application visualization and intelligent alarms, and help achieve the whole network application monitoring. Stand-alone processing of 8Mpps data packets, which has the highest performance in the industry. Provide real-time end-to-end service path monitoring view, high-precision dedicated line quality analysis, and intelligent network/application/business correlation analysis. Probes also analyze key internal transaction fields based on application transaction behavior. They effectively track transactions and generate response time chart for cross-domain services to accurately locate the root cause of the problem.


Bring out the excellent performance of NPM in large traffic and high concurrency scenarios, and perfectly support the deployment of cloud resource monitoring. We provide open API interfaces to quickly connect with third parties, and can dive into key services such as Http and Oracle for accurate performance analysis and fault backtracking.

Other clients

DCLINGCLOUD APM and NPM comprehensively monitor the sales management system and network traffic. Through the quick sorting of access relationships and full-link business monitoring, a clear traffic view and key indicator dashboard are established to quickly provide a chain of evidence of failure problems. System can transmit important indicators and alarms to the SG-16000 system. Through model scoring, we can grasp the healthiness of production lines and application systems in real time. Their usability is increased, and hidden dangers are eliminated. It can also provide full "production data footprint" retention to ensure long-term traceability of historical data and facilitate auditing. The one-click comparison function provides an objective basis for assessment of different business components, which also improves the efficiency of operation and maintenance coordination.

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